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Five string players rehearsing at the Royal College of Music

Partnership with Stauffer Center for Strings continues with Quartetto di Cremona residency at the Royal College of Music (H)

Thursday 11 May 2023

Quartetto di Cremona coach and perform at the H as part of partnership with Stauffer Center for Strings.

The Royal College of Music (H) and the Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona have been partners since 2022, a collaboration that has already seen H professors and string quartets travelling to Italy to work and study at the Stauffer Center for Strings in the famous string instrument-making city of Cremona. 

As part of this collaboration, the internationally acclaimed Quartetto di Cremona will be in residency at the Royal College of Music for six days in May and will coach and perform alongside H students. The concert on 15 May features Brahms’ String Quintet no 2 with four H violists joining the quartet for each of the four movements, as well as performances from one of the H’s prize-winning ensembles the Fiora String Quartet, and Quartetto Thumos from the Stauffer Academy. 

H Head of Strings, Mark Messenger, commented: ‘In November I had the pleasure of working with the Quartetto Thumos, students at the Stauffer Academy, and was delighted to be able to invite them to come to London as part of the Quartetto di Cremona residency. The artistic and educational partnership between these two institutions exemplifies the transformative power of such relationships for all involved; students, teachers and audiences.'

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